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Sail To Success With Sental

The maritime industry has been put under exceeding pressure over the last few years. From ships being held outside of ports under quarantine and the cruise industry having to cease operations. This left companies struggling to main positive cashflows, forcing them into administration; leaving seafarers physically and mentally stranded and unsure of their future.

Furthermore, changes to trade agreements and regulation has seen huge cost increases being put forward for taxes and CO2 emissions. Along with rising fuel and costs of other commodities within the industry, maritime and shipping companies have warned that these costs will have to be passed on to their customers. As such those costs will inevitably filter down to the consumer.

Leaders in this industry battle compounded issues from staff shortages due to long periods of self-isolation and shift work. Further pressure to increase pay as a result of rising living costs and threats of strikes spark the chain reaction of issues that find their way to the supply chains; impacting lead times and leaving industries such as consumer goods and manufacturing facing operation obstacles.

At Sental we know these challenges need strong leadership to work through and innovate against these changes. Let Sental navigate these challenges for you and fulfil your Senior Level and Specialist positions.

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