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Mining & Metals

Be As Strong As Steel With Sental

The metals and mining sector fared well during the pandemic. Many companies were seeing huge windfalls on cheap stock and high demand, whilst some material ranges were driven 5 times higher due to political events threatening to impact supply. However, although construction demand helped this sector, other supporting industries were not as lucky as automotive and aviation slowed when the world locked down, the industry took a hit.

With many companies in the sector trying to mitigate supply and production issues, it left some of the recent success short-lived and cashflows at risk. Coinciding with other material stocks, Lithium shortages are expected to hit within the next few years. With such volatile change, Leaders in this industry are focused on employing and developing the next generations of Senior Managers who can adapt their teams to react and prepare for some of the world's most complex projects.

At Sental we work hard to find you the best Specialist and Senior Level candidates that can transform and grow as rapidly as this sector.

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