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As world economies look to stabilise and sales demands increase, the global focus on sustainable driving is giving new hiring challenges for leadership teams. To meet these consumer and political pressures, CEOs in this sector seek to employ more people with skills in designing operating platforms, as well as supplementary expertise in software security, development and maintenance.

Automotive leaders have faced many additional challenges recently; from reduced demand, a worldwide semiconductor shortage and extreme price rises in fuel. A combination that had put jobs at risk, highlighted issues with supply chain and put further pressure on the shift to electric vehicles. These widely talked about issues had harshly tarnished the sector’s reputation with uncertainty and vulnerability. However, such challenges have led companies to reconsider their hiring packages and terms in order to appeal to candidates from similar technical roles and from other industries that have not been impacted by global issues.

At The Sental Group, we see your vision and partner with you. Acting as an extension of your brand, we reinforce the excitement of being part of the automotive industry that is on the brink of sustainable transformation and innovation. Using our global reach and automotive industry expertise we headhunt the very best candidates for you. Whether you need a new Senior Leader that will drive your business forward or a Specialist to strengthen your already successful team, we are here to manage this for you.

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