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Building Materials

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Whilst the building materials sector continues to see growth, it is not forecast to be as strong in the coming years. In part, this is due to the commercial build side of the sector that has seen fewer projects in hospitality, office space, education, and retail, in recent years. Growth is heavily propped up by continued world trading and strong pipelines of infrastructure contracts, house building schemes, as well as a booming trade in D.I.Y and home improvement.

As an industry that prides itself of meritocracy in both its people and its products, changes seen in the building materials sector are often gradual, and for good reason. Materials that are built to last, are materials that are here to stay. Therefore, it is no surprise that its leaders strive for absolute excellence and integrity, at every stage.

For many CEOs, some of their attention has shifted from product shortages as restrictions ease worldwide and manufacturing comes back; albeit at lengthy lead-times. Some of the main issues in the industry are price volatility, and a lack of skilled labour. As such, many leaders continue to diversify their teams and bring in more specialist skills focused on R&D of new innovative and sustainable materials, products, and processes. By choosing The Sental Group, you can be sure you are getting a partner that understands your sector and future talent needs.

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