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Civil Engineering

Structurally Sound With Sental

As Civil engineering is such a critical function to infrastructure, it is also essential for a country’s economy to grow. It therefore comes as no surprise that the construction industry saw less disruption during Covid than other sectors, and demand for projects and materials prospered, leading to many companies seeing huge windfalls on existing stock, as well as healthy pipelines of work. As such, this unprecedented demand across the world put projects at risk due to a lack of skilled people across the project teams.

Directors in this industry have found themselves battling with competition from finance and technology sectors who demand the same skills from civil and structural engineers. This has led to individuals being able to truly take advantage of handsome pay increases and open job markets.

That is why partnering with Sental takes the stress out of the competition. We learn and understand the values of your business, the challenges in your divisions and the structure of the people you need to bridge the gaps.

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