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Being responsible for over 1% GNI, it is no surprise that the Chemical industry is significant to a country's wealth due to it feeding into many other industries. Enabling them to manufacture their own products or processes. It is therefore expected that this sector has more qualified and specialist roles than any other.

Although the industry has grown by an astonishing 80% in the past two decades, the lions share of manufacturing has shifted from Europe and America and is now positioned comfortably in Asia. With this growth and geographic spread the Chemical industry has become a competitive marketplace for remuneration, driven further by a limited pool of specialist candidates. Employers are looking to upskill their existing workforces by bringing in technical experts to help navigate them through digital transformation and customer-centric sustainable practices. 

At Sental Group we have the right formulation to create a positive reaction with top talent. Fuse a connection with the best Specialist and Senior Level candidates with Sental.

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