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Logistics & Distribution

Delivering The Right People With Sental

Whilst the EU and UK suffer from a HGV driver shortage, government action is beginning to streamline the process for new drivers coming to the market. However, getting lorries across seas is adding to logistic issues. Around 15% of the world's seafarers are from Russia and Ukraine and along with strikes at ports, challenges in distribution look set to continue.

With challenges comes great change and innovation. Businesses in this sector, expand rail networks and investigate electric barge solutions by utilising existing canal infrastructures to overcome water and road challenges to get goods and materials closer to cities more quickly, and with a lower carbon impact. Increased automation and robotics in distribution centers is reducing operational costs and improving warehouse productivity.

At Sental we work with our partners to address issues and find solutions to build the right teams quickly. Choose a partner that will find you the best route to superior candidates.

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