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Renewable Energy

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The development of renewable energy has constantly and substantially surpassed all predictions during the past ten years, and it is now estimated that by 2035, the renewable energy industry will generate around 60 percent of the worlds power.  

Global decarbonisation brings to surface many challenges for the renewable energy industry; decarbonisation demands large expansions of geothermal, wind and solar farms, resulting in the added pressure of locating land, and protecting the supply chain, while maintaining profitability. Factory utilisation rates in the sector have been rising as a result of increasing demand for renewable energy sources. This can raise the vulnerability of supply networks to unforeseen events unless more capacity is supplied. Intense pressure has been placed on global supply networks by the COVID-19 epidemic and the Ukraine conflict. These pressures are made worse in the wind and solar industries by challenges specific to those sectors.

Sental Group understands the global issues which impact on your business. Our experienced team of specialists can confidently bring power to your business when managing these escalating demands and difficulties. Connect with Sental now.

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